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Good Neighbours Week 2021

This week (11-16 October) saw the first Regional Good Neighbours Week take place, supported by the Norfolk Good Neighbour Network, Community Action Suffolk, Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity, Humber & Wolds Rural Action, YMCA Lincolnshire and Volunteer Link Up.

The week-long event featured several presentations, guest speakers and networking opportunities for Good Neighbour volunteers across the country and a chance for people to share ideas and experiences and learn from each other.

Tracey Allan – Good Neighbour Network Co-ordinator for Norfolk added “We didn’t want another year to pass without arranging an opportunity for our Good Neighbour volunteers to meet up, so thought a virtual week of activities would give people the flexibility to pick and choose what they wanted to be part of. Working with the co-ordinators from the other regions has also been great, and these new relationships will be hugely beneficial moving forward.”

As well as interactive sessions the Week provided a selection of on demand and download sessions for volunteers to engage with. There was also a Question of the Day to generate conversations, build connections and support each other. Good Neighbours Week 2021 has certainly given us lots to talk about.

Including this video from Good Neighbours North Lincolnshire, who are supported by Humber & Wolds Rural Action, which is a fantastic example of why a Good Neighbour Scheme can be so beneficial to people, and more importantly create connections.

Good Neighbours North Lincolnshire